How to get that wedding confetti photo for your wedding day?

Fusing together the perfect mixes so your photographer can get that all important ‘Confetti shot’. We’ve tested the fall rates endlessly and there are the top picks!

Who knew so much thought went into confetti. I remember being a flower girl when I was younger and Mum pulled out that horrendous ivory box that she’d squashed into her bag and handed out those boooooring confetti circles.

In 2017 the brides and grooms have even taken over this part, to hand out to their guests. Creating custom mixes to suit their theme or look. We are loving the confetti bar, this is the all new creation station feel appearing at more and more weddings. Numerous buckets with scoops all filled with different petals and cones for guests to create their own mix to throw over the happy bride and groom once they’re wed.

Venues and churches are a little more accepting of the floral sprays, biodegradable confetti will keep even the grumpiest of Vicar’s happy.

We have numerous different ranges from biodegradable confetti to glitter and brightly coloured paper squares. Something to suit all. We can also custom make mixes if you can’t find something you like or already have an idea yourself.

Our most popular mixes have various different petals and buds in the mix which allows for different fall rates… What does this mean?! It’s fairly important for ‘confetti shots’ as if the confetti (once thrown) falls at different times it allows for a perfect photo. Large rose petals on their own will fall very quickly and you would struggle to capture in time, even the best photographer in the world would struggle to get a confetti picture on the first shut of the shutter with both faces in some sort of happy gesture!

Believe it or not confetti is now this important so make sure you’ve done your research as you have so many options for housing your chosen mix from confetti cones to boxes, packets, confetti wands or just a good old box for everyone to grab a handful!

If you’re struggling for inspiration then check out our confetti inspiration page for some ideas on how to display yours for your Wedding day. Confetti ideas for wedding


What the experts say

Photo credit to Eighth Avenue Photography

“When the bride and groom already have the confetti ready for guests is always a major help for a great full shot as we’ve done some where like 50’guests have had to share one packet. Have guests throw the confetti up in the air before bride and groom reach them not at their faces that way you avoid the squinting being thrown at look” Suzie Dunbar, Eighth Avenue Photography



Photo credit to Nik Bryant Photography

“This is my all time favourite shot for confetti moments!! To get the best shot I like to get everyone cheering and having fun. Get everyone lined up either side with just enough room to squeeze the couple through and I will normally be a step or two in front of the couple. Its all about being in amongst the chaos and the action getting covered in confetti along with the couple. I also don’t stop shooting until all the confetti is thrown to make sure I get that perfect moment.” Nik Bryant 

Photo credit to Andy Murphy


Photo credit to Nik English Photography
Photo credit to Cassandra Lane

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